Not one! Two golden medals at the end of SVL!

What a way to finish this season! Hard work pays off, hard work leaves everyone happy at the end of the year.

Not one, but two GOLDEN medals made these girls shine after SVL (Sydney Volleyball League) which was held from 4/23/2023 until 8/6/2023 at Sydney Olympic Park, and one with Scotts College at National Schools Cup.

Coach Massimiliano Gubbiotti said: “My first thank you goes to our Sports Director Mladen Stankovic, because he believed in our project from the first moment, in our staff and in every girl we selected. He was always available to support every request from the girls and the staff. Thanks to his professional personality, volleyball in Sydney is becoming a top-level sport. I think that in Australia there are many possibilities for growth in the national volleyball level, much more than those we have in Europe, but we just have to believe more in the development of young athletes and in their great potential. It may not be the most followed sport in this country, but it is still the second most followed sport in the world.”

Many junior girls worked hard to join the team, earning a spot in the team during the most important matches must be hard to achieve. Girls from the ProVolley Premier Team trained more than any other team in Australia and it was a pleasure watching them getting better every day. It’s worth mentioning that huge recognition needs to go to personal trainer Tullio Pizzetti, who was in charge of strength and conditioning. However, we have so many good people that we want to thank!

ProVolley Premier Team is a perfect example of dedication, teamwork, sacrifice and passion that lead this team with strength to that GOLD that will shine their way through the next season, season that we all wait impatiently!