Australian Volleyball Schools Cup shakes up the net!

Complete change, it felt like it was anybody’s game at any point!

At the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup, which was held from 12/03/2023 to 12/09/2023 in Gold Coast, Queensland – many talented teams competed.

What makes this Australian Volleyball Schools Cup so special for ProVolley Academy is that we had the Pymble Ladies College team competing for the first time. Despite the amount of teams competing that was quite impressive, this type of events allow athletes to take advantage and experience serious competition and play on a much more serious and higher level.

For Coach Sheilah Adam’s, it was a pleasure witnessing girls play like one, the girls put so much effort into it and their progress was highly noticeable – with a SILVER medal that they took home!

Sheilah Adam’s said: “ The overall excitement of witnessing our great team sport truly growing is an amazing feeling as a coach. Start them young emphasizing the basic fundamentals and encourage, motivate & support them with their journey. ”

Special mention to the MVP of the Volleyball Schools Cup goes to Chloe Gu from Pymble Ladies College team!

We truly believe that there will be more opportunities to train and more opportunities to compete, because that golden medal still awaits the Pymble Ladies College team.